All graphics and all design are available in following materials:

Smart Panel Double Face

Smart Panel Double Face is the bifacial version of Smart Panel. Like the original one, this slab
combines the lightness of PVC with the strength and shininess of transparent Polycarbonate. The
double graphic makes this panel particularly suitable for sophisticated partitions or perfect as a
decorative element in stylish environments. This product comes complete with edging on the
profile, in order to create a more elegant result. Smart Panel Double Face reaches a final thickness
of 9 mm.

Dècora LED

Dècora LED is the Light-integrated Decorative Panel System that combines decoration with LED
technology, creating unseen spectacular effects through plays of light and color variations. The
reduced thickness of the panel allows installation on wall, recessed-panel installation, and even
installation on specific profiles, standing far from the wall. Totally programmable and manageable
through a controller or a mobile app, Dècora LED boasts an excellent light and color rendering,
together with a low energy consumption. The shape of Dècora LED support can be customized
thanks to the absence of lateral frames. Moreover, the uniform lighting from the center to the
edges creates continuity among panels and gives aesthetic completeness to the graphic.
The Patent registered for this lighting technology further highlights its cutting-edge and innovative

Dècora Lux

Backlightable, the Dècora Lux slabs play with the transparency of the resin and the opalescence of
the PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) support to realize coverings, decorations and evocative
enlightenments. The slabs reach a thickness of 10 mm.

Dècora Resin

Created on a rigid compound aluminum support, Dècora Resin takes advantage of his high
technical value that, with the versatility of the resin, breathes life into a product with high
aesthetic and functional qualities. The slabs reach a thickness of 6 mm.

Dècora Stucco

On a rigid compound aluminum support the slabs Dècora Stucco are worked completely by hand
and characterized by a matt finish and a slightly structured surface. Strong points: the numerous
available graphics, the productive technology, the craftsmanship and the very easy laying. The
slabs reach a thickness of 5 mm.

Smart Panel

Smart Panel is the innovative and high-level technology support for decorative panels. Smart Panel
combines the lightness of Forex with the strength and shininess of transparent Polycarbonate.
Thanks to the total customization of graphics and dimensions, this support is suitable both for
small realizations and big projects, since it guarantees a stunning visual effect through brilliant
colours and high-definition images. Smart Panel slabs come with a final thickness of 6 mm.

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