Pace Gallery – New York

Nerosicilia’s first architectural project on New York City.

Nerosicilia is the new headquarters of the Pace Gallery, located in the artistic district of Chelsea, New York City.

The versatility of the lava stone of Etna and the particular and unique processing of Nerosicilia has made possible the realization of this ventilated wall designed by the studio Bonetti/Kozerski.

An innovative project of surface and structure of matter.

The enneTre surface was produced on 8 cm thickness.

Thanks to the numerically controlled machining, it has been possible to realize a particular section that integrates perfectly with the support under metal structure and lightens the weight of the plates.

The building fits into the historical context of Chelsea and aims to bridge the gap between a traditional art gallery and a more open, accessible and engaging art exhibition model.

The total area of the new eight-storey building is 22,800 square meters, of which 3,000 will include the exhibition space, also consisting of an outdoor gallery and a public library of over 10,000 volumes.


Project & rendering Bonetti/Kozerski architecture:

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