cm inches
60x60 24"x24"
30x120 12"x48"
60x120 24"x48"


9,0 mm


Technical specifications

ISO 10545 – 2




ANSI 137.1: DCOF > 0,42

DIN 51130: R10

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Concrete is the material that best defines modern architecture.
Beton armé, or reinforced concrete, has changed the way we build and how we experience architecture, cities and new urban landscapes.
Everything was once built in bricks or stone.
Reinforced concrete has changed the mentality of ordinary people. It has created a new textural sensation: cold, grey, seemingly neutral but at the same time uneven, spotted, alive and vibrant. The way it is cast and vibrated inside the formworks means it always turns out different.
Sometimes darker, sometimes lighter, with small holes, all uniform.
This irrational and unpredictable variety of tones and surfaces brings it closer to the irrationality of man, who finds many different
perceptions in its matter. By looking intensely at concrete you can read many different stories, parallel to each other, overlapping and rich in complexity. This is not a cold rationalisation of construction, but a new material that the best architects have been able to fill with poetry. Light remains the hallmark feature of concrete. When it touches upon the concrete, the space takes on different appearances, the perception of the environment is never the same. Spaces covered with DOT will create a completely new sensation of light in the setting. The heaviness of concrete combines with the lightness of other walls in an interesting mix of material perceptions. DOT makes a material rarely found in common buildings accessible to all.
Large modern architectures often have exposed reinforced concrete, which gives them a particularly evocative charm. Until now, this was unthinkable in everyday use. DOT overcomes this limitation and allows anyone to enrich their spaces with the charm of great contemporary architectures. The walls of the kitchen can be covered with large concrete slabs to change the perception of the classic domestic environment. The new concrete material will give a completely new look to the old decor and old space to be renovated. The bathroom will no longer be simply light; the concrete will give it the charm of brutalist architecture. The white of the sanitary fixtures and bathtubs will contrast with the heavy textural quality of concrete. It will give the impression of keeping the building structures exposed, naked and raw, without any finish, as if the room was a loft carved out of an industrial archaeological site or disused factory.
All the spaces will be able to find a new textural quality and a new light with the concrete of DOT.