Marble is a well-known material all over the world. Our knowledge of marble mostly derives from marvelous works of art of Michelangelo, Bernini and other famous artists from ancient times.

Despite the worldwide notoriety, when it comes to decorate the surfaces of our homes, we ask ourselves plenty of questions about marble tiles. Let’s see some of the main characteristics of marble tiles and answer to some frequent questions people usually have in this matter.


What is marble? Is marble a metamorphic rock? Is marble a natural stone?

The answer is yes. Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of carbonate minerals that have recrystallized over the millennia.

The word marble derives from Ancient Greek μάρμαρον (mármaron) meaning “crystalline rock, shining stone”.



Is marble expensive?

We think of marble as a luxurious and prestigious material therefore we might think it is way out of our budget. That is not completely true. There are many different types of marble, some of which are very common and easy to extract therefore their price is much more affordable than we might think.

Other frequent questions could be the following: Is marble porous? and Do I need to seal marble in the kitchen?

Marble is a natural stone and as all natural stones contains a certain percentage of porosity. For this reason, especially if you’re thinking of a marble countertop for your kitchen, it is highly recommendable the use of a professional sealer for your marble. With the right sealant and a regular maintenance care your marble will stand the test of time and overcome its porosity.



What is the difference between polished marble and honed marble?

There are two types of finishes when it comes to marble tiles: polished finish and honed finish.

A polished marble surface is smoother and comes with a glassier finish that reflects more light.

A honed marble surface is less shiny and a little rougher, but more forgiving with scratching and etching thus more suitable for a kitchen countertop.

On the contrary it leaves the pores more open therefore the use of a sealant is highly advisable.


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What do you think? What other questions come to your mind about marble tiles?

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