Unique bleu






cm inches
120x120 48"x48"
60x120 24"x48"
80x80 32"x32"
40x80 15"x32"
60x60 24"x24"


10 mm
20 mm

Technical specifications

DCOF WET ≥ 0,50

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Belgian Pierre Bleue stone, created more than 300 million years ago when the country was covered by a tropical sea, inspires Unique Bleu, a new ceramic collection from Provenza.
The range features two colour shades: Gris and Anthracite, reproducing all the beauty of a limestone popular for architecture down the ages thanks to its distinctive colour naturally varying from grey to blue and black, and its extremely compact, uniform consistency. These shades are available in different tactile finishes: Noble is the most elegant, minimal finish, available in the Natural and Velouté Semi-polished versions, the latter also featuring the additional Velouté Brecciato variant, with uneven edges. The Roulée version acquires a threedimensional look with a strong visual impact, with a grooved and faceted effect particularly ideal for wall tiles. Renversée interprets the look of the underside of the stone, with the marks left by the cutting process, which become decorative marks. Ancienne is the salvaged version, ideal for modular installation.
The range comprises a large number of sizes and thicknesses, to express the striking beauty of Pierre Bleue in the most widely varying architectural contexts, always meeting technical demands with exquisite looks. Even greater versatility, performance and the potential for seamless continuity are provided by the 80×80 cm size in the 20 mm thickness, specifically created for outdoor use, available in the Noble, Ancienne and Ancienne Brecciato Opus finishes. Finally, the collection also features the Opus multi-size combinations, comprising different sizes mixed and boxed together for variegated, extremely natural installation layouts. Opus is available in the Noble Velouté Brecciato Semi-Polished version and the Ancienne Brecciato variant, 20 mm thick, for high-impact outdoor design schemes. Unique Bleu: a perfect, tasteful combination of the features needed for complex contemporary architectural design schemes, which combine to express different aesthetic styles with a strong personality and unique character.