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Six different collections – signs indistinguishable in our study of colors, surfaces, elements of material and production processes – amalgamated through a stimulating project, targeted to mix within each other ‘codes’ that are sometimes similar and sometimes opposite.
The underlying theme of this research is color, which while on the one hand combines the various elements, on the other; it blurs them, creating a harmonious reality.
It is in this way that the project takes shape creating simple, timeless atmospheres that are not fabricated: an image that does not remain inert to the visual contemplation, but becomes an energetic and engaging entity.
A backwards analysis, towards the rediscovery of processing methods now passé thanks to digital technology – a return to “analogue”, where details are the real stars.
Just like in a black and white movie.

Six actors: Clay41, Navajo, Wood41, WigWag, Signs, Rigo.

Four roles: White, Grey, Mud, Black.

Within a story characterized by various decorative elements opposed to the coldest materials, finishes, ranging from typical glossy enamel of the industrial ceramic porcelain to the organic and artisanal extruded porcelain.
Opposing formats from large to small formats, split edges and grinded edges, unusual forms to conventional ones, brushed opaque materials to gloss finishes.
A semantic study of languages that contaminate each other.
A study of synonyms and antonyms.