Half Polished/Rectified


cm inches
75x150 30"x59"
75x75 30"x30"
60x90 24"x36"
60x60 24"x24"
30x60 12"x24"
15x15 6"x6"
120x120 48"x48"
120x260 48"x103"


20 mm
10 mm
9 mm

Technical specifications


DCOF Natural, Wet> 0.42

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The name Porphyry comes from the ancient Greek “porfyroús”, meaning purple, a colour frequently found in this type of rock, along with red, brown and grey. It is this rock that has inspired the Porfirica collection.
Porphyry is a magmatic material formed by the cooling of lava flows. It has an extremely variegated and complex composition, on which a “porphyritic” (porfirica in Italian) structure is created that also comprises minerals and crystalline elements. This particular characteristic is offered in 2 patterns: a fine-grain version inspired by the original stone and a coarser-grain agglomerate. Renowned since ancient times for its hardness and resistance, and for its red colour associated with imperial status, porphyry has often been used for outdoor applications. Coem research has restored prestige and value to this stone, thanks to four surface finishes (unpolished, half-polished, Riga and outdoor), 5 intense colours and two textures that allow for creative compositions on floors and walls. The original looks are ideal for lending new spaces a slightly retro allure, in which vintage furnishings can be mixed with authentic design elements. Ideal for use on floors and walls in both residential and commercial settings, and to create a smooth transition between indoors and outdoors.