Massive Stone




MIX Naturale-Lucidato/Rettificato

MIX Unpolished-Half Polished/Rectified


cm inches
60,4x90,6 24”x36”
30,2x90,6 12”x36”
DECO 30,2x90,6 12”x36”
60,4x90,6 24”x36” ≠ 20 mm
40,8x61,4 16”x24”
30x60,4 12”x24” ≠ 20 mm


9,5 mm

10 mm

20 mm


Technical specifications

ISO 10545/2

(V4): Piastrelle con variazione random di tono e disegno
Tiles with random shade and aspect variation

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The inspiration comes from Pierre Massive and the tradition of a dry construction technique that uses blocks of solid stone to
shape buildings perfectly integrated into their surroundings, like temples and architectures of the past.
Considered a genuine art form, based on traditional stone-working techniques and on the ability to cut and sculpt the material
and to assemble it carefully, turning it into a structural element, this technique, often known as “Massive Stone”, has maintained
significant importance in the history of architecture. Pursuing this vision, and transforming it into in-depth research, Coem has
identified the technical potential of porcelain stoneware as the most effective, practical and therefore most appealing option
to turn solid stone into a contemporary surface able to transmit ancestral power and charm to any setting. A simple surface,
offering impressive duration, subtle beauty and a sensation of wellbeing it is able to create and spread through architectures of
different shapes and types. Available in 4 colours with natural and outdoor finishes, it becomes an authentically contemporary
building material that can be used for projects of all sizes. With carefully balanced nuances and variegated shading effects,
Massive Stone comes in a wide range of sizes and finishes able to team attractively with the world of contemporary interior