Full body extruded porcelain


Natural / Non rectified


cm inches
11,5x14 41/2”x51/2
7,5x14 3”x51/2
5,5x14 2”x51/2
3,5x14 11/2”x51/2
Modular sizes randomly mixed Modular sizes randomly mixed


8 mm


Technical specifications


DCOF 0.73

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This is an extruded handcrafted product made from natural raw materials. It may therefore present differences in caliber, flatness, surface irregularities and variations in shade. These should be considered as features of the material and not defects. If one takes advantage of them during installation, they enhance the aesthetic effects that distinguish them from standard industrial products. During the production process, the shade is chosen at the final sorting stage of each batch, even if there may be a different refraction of light between the individual pieces that can give the impression that the colour is different. During installation, it is important to open one or more boxes and arrange the pieces on the floor in order to examine this effect and to view the pieces from different angles. If differences are noticed, mix random pieces from different boxes when installing them in order to avoid the “strip and “band” effect. Install the product using an adhesive suitable for porcelain stoneware. Being an extruded product, which doesn’t have a regular shape, we recommend that the pieces be placed next to one another, without using spacers, and rotated so that the joints become formed naturally. Adhesive can also be applied to the back of the tile itself in order to compensate for differences in flatness.