Ghiaia Slabs




Half Polished/Rectified


cm inches
120x260 48"x102"


6 mm

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If it were a story, the idea behind “Ghiaia” – the collection developed by Architect Luigi Romanelli for FIO. – might be entitled “Pebbles have a soul too”, with dreams and desires that sometimes find a way to come true. Here it’s not the pen of a poet, but the touch of a creative designer that brings this tale of stones to life, turning them into quality rock, turning little pebbles into slivers of stone with the prestige of marble.
A take on “terrazzo”, with a fine or thicker grain background, in the 30×30 and 60×60 for the former, 60×60 and a 120×260 slab for the latter, and with the opportunity to combine the large and small sizes for an extremely modern look with a powerfully decorative allure.
The base tiles come in three colours – Bianco, Grigio and Grafite – but blue is the fil rouge that traverses these surfaces: a deep sea blue, with an inviting, almost dreamlike appearance, which makes its way into our settings with the light touch of water.
Sometimes, if you pay real close attention to the pebbles you find out about the ocean.
(Terry Pratchett)