The word ‘boiserie’ is the French term to define wood paneling or, better said, wood work.

The tradition of boiseries roots back to the 17th century in ancient France, where wood was carved, decorated and painted to surround a room. Although its history has ancient roots, boiserie paneling has found a new life in 21st century interiors. Let’s discover together the key features of modern boiserie and which are the Boiserie panels ideas!

Why would you choose boiserie for your interiors?

The main reason why you should choose boiserie interiors is the timeless elegance of it. Wood offers you an almost infinite number of possibilities in terms of colors, finishes and style.

Moreover, one of the main perks of modern boiserie panels is the easy installation: in just a few hours you could totally change the style of your room. The end result of modern boiserie is exceptional: it can help you revolutionize your interiors in a blink of an eye, exploring different styles. 



One item, different styles

The style of boiserie has surely changed during the years. From the 17th century to contemporary times, this wall covering has undergone momentous changes and has now a new and modern identity. Wood is going for a coming back in kitchen and living premises, with a prominent presence in modern interiors, thanks to the wide range of possibilities it offers. From a more classical approach to the introduction of 3D designs, the coatings are not limited to a simple flat surface but they capture the vertical space through strong geometries and decorations with a strong character. 



Following the trend with modern boiserie

With modern boiserie, you can follow your instinct: do you want a classical and timeless look? You have it! Do you prefer to follow the trends? Modern boiserie definitely has your backs with that. Don’t let be misled by the traditional look of boiserie, as they now offer an infinite number of graphics and designs which follow the main trends for the year to follow, as we can see in the beautiful example below:



So, what are you waiting for?  Modern boiserie is the way to go! And if you want to get inspired, download our selection of wood products that could do the trick for you!


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